This hackathon was all about team building, evaluation and the big idea.

This hackathon was all about team building, evaluation and the big idea.

This hackathon was all about team building, evaluation and the big idea.



72 hours, 5 international Hyper Island students and 1 UX brief from Volvo: How can Volvo enrich truck drivers' "last-mile delivery" work through a mobile app? This Hackathon was all about team building, evaluation, and the big idea.


Design Lead
Facilitating workshop
Conducting user research
Creating user story
Presenting and storytelling


1 Design Lead
1 UX Designer
1 Business Developer
1 Illustrator
1 User Researcher


After a quick but intense research including desktop research, calling truck drivers for an interview and listening to topic related podcasts, we got three core insights.  With these insights, we started our ideation with several methods such as Crazy 8, "How might we", playing "6 to 1" and eventually creating mapping out user journeys.

1. Truck drivers don't like being told what to do.

2. Truck drivers are constantly under time pressure.

3. Truck drivers have to face unpredictable problems every day. 


May I introduce you VIA? VIA is the Volvo truck drivers' personal assistant. Despite managing the cargo and planning the best routes, she takes on the truck drivers' sense of community. She does that by connecting to other nearby trucks and notifies their drivers if there is a package in one truck that would be more suitably delivered by another nearby truck on their route.



To team up with people I didn't know, was exciting and gave us the possibility to use our team building tools in the most efficient way. 
Furthermore we asked Jonathan, founder of Hyper Island, for feedback. His words were mind-blowing and pushed our concept to the next stage.


Ready to go! VIA, the voice assistant, makes a truck drivers' morning relaxed.


An accident or some chickens on the road? VIA knows the fastes routes.


Where is this box in my truck? VIA manages the cargo.


Driving across the whole city for just one package? VIA connects to other nearby trucks and notifies their drivers to take the package with them.


This means, that not only the driver would save time and gas but also Volvo's VIA would revolutionize the "last mile delivery" and challenge services such as DHL or the public mail.



Challenge the brief! Working in this special environment I have learned that challenging the clients' brief is not only key to stand out in a pitch situation but also often necessary to create the best solution. The next time I aim to go further. I want to hear the client say: You are right, but we are not ready for this solution.