Creating a new kind of fishing experience for over 10 million anglers. 

Creating a new kind of fishing experience for over 10 million anglers. 

Creating a new kind of fishing experience for over 10 million anglers. 



Fishing is not only the world’s no. 1 hobby – it's a passion that has a $115 billion impact on the US's economy. Fishbrain is the no. 1 fishing app for anglers with over 10 million users. As the UX Lead, I joined the product design team to improve our user experience while driving our KPIs. In parallel, I worked in a cross-functional team with a special focus on first user experience, subscription revenue, and organic growth. 


The growth hack we've planned for Q4 is not only well-thought-out and straightforward but also very close to my heart. Our users always had the option to share a link to invite their friends to Fishbrain. In Q4 we are going to use this feature and donate $1 on the user's behalf and $1 on behalf of their friend who signed up to a non-profit organization. Studies show that users are more likely to share content if they get benefits as well as the user whom they invite. This win-win hypothesis can be impactful and we are currently implementing our MVP.


Prioritization user needs & pain points
Goal setting for the design team
Creating and deciding on UX roadmap
Supporting PMs in planning & prioritization
Signing off user journeys & information architecture
Planning & facilitating Design Sprints
Handover to tech teams
Team development
Hiring Product Designers


Invite friends to the app – all channels
Updated global search bar
Fishbrain Stories
Fishbrain Shop – Social e-commerce
Fishbrain Groups
New Onboarding incl. personalization
Points of Interests for maps
Fishbrain Pro branding incl. new tab
New paywalls


Pro membership trials started 23%
Revenue within one year 95%
Registrations increased by an average of 6%
Increased users reactions (likes) 2500%


I don't follow any UX process – especially not one, that is from a book or classroom. However, understanding methods, having skilled team members with a lot of knowledge, and transparent communication, enables me to move, text, design, and build fast.


To know with which conservation organization we should tie-up with I run a survey and asked our users what the care most about. Furthermore, I was working closely with our Business Developer and passionate fisher in Florida to understand the different organizations and users in the United States. During a workshop, I had the chance to interview three pro-anglers and get their insights and opinion on how we should package this growth hack in our app.



For this growth hack, I am not only collaborating with my cross-functional growth team but also syncing with marketing and the Product team on a weekly basis. During the whole process, I organized two workshops. The first one was with the Growth Team to ideate around what are possible hacks we would like to implement in Q4. The second workshop with the UX team to create crazy screens and engaging interactions for our "Invite-to-do-Good" hack.


Increasing our registrations by making our users feel safe.

Showing reachable realtime milestones in the form of a progress bar.

Showing reachable realtime milestones in the form of a progress bar.



I realized how passionate I am to work for products and create features that people truly care about. I can't wait to see the first responses from our users. But the one thing I am going to take with me to Q1 is the importance of shipping an MVP as quick as we can to validate more, faster and even more meaningful.